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Hohner Accordion

An accordion is a musical instrument that is fun to play, easy to learn, easy to transport and affordable. 

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of creating beautiful and traditional music!
  • Wow your friends and family with this unique instrument!
  • Feel the pride of ownership that comes with owning a Hohner accordion!

Please read a couple reviews from happy customers who own Hohner accordion models such as the Panther, Nova, Morino and Concerto:

This review is from: Hohner Panther GCF, Matt Black (Electronics)
"i got this accordion on Friday 9/10/10,And so far it's been a great purchase the quality of the accordion is very good and the sound is even better not to mention it's a hohner accordion.couldn't ask for a better accordion for the price"
This review is from: Hohner Concertina 20 Key (Electronics)
"This Hohner Concertina is a lot of fun to play. The progression of the notes on the buttons is very logical, and playing it by ear becomes very easy, which was a big surprise to me, as I am someone who always reads the notes. I have owned this for about a year and a half, and I still enjoy sitting down a few times a week and playing all the tunes I know on it (maybe about 15 total). Most of them I have just learned by ear and memorized over time by repetition. They are all simple traditional songs, which I enjoy immensely. While the buttons do stick occasionally, they are easily freed. A little bit of oil on the buttons every once in a while does seem to help prevent this. Unless you are planning on becoming a professional concertinist (is there such a thing?) this is the only concertinal you'll ever need."

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