A Wittner Metronome for Your Piano

No piano is complete without a classic metronome.  Wittner makes some of the best and most attractive!  Whether you are looking for ebony, black or mahogany metronomes - Wittner is the standard in the business.  Browse the inventory from our favorite supplier by clicking on the one you like best below:

Wittner Black Metronome with Bell Wittner Cat Metronome Wittner Mahogany Metronome

Wittner Black Metronome
 with Bell

Wittner Cat

Wittner Mahogany

All serious students of music and piano understand the importance of a metronome to learn rhythm, beat and timing.  Why settle for just function when you can also make a statement?  Accessorize your piano and room with a beautiful & stylish metronome!

What Customers are Saying about Wittner Metronomes

This review is from: Wittner 6411 Metronome Mahogany Wood, Mahogany Wood Case With Bell (Electronics)
"This metronome is simply the best. No electronic metronome I've tried has a clap and ring that penetrates like the original design of Maelzel (that Beethoven parodied in his 8th Symphony). I highly recommend the bell with adjustable intervals --- if you get off the beat, the bell will bring you back to the downbeat. The wood finish on these models is sumptuous. The gearing is plastic, which I worry may not be as durable as metal, but hey, the Germans know what they're doing right? It may simply not be an issue given the stresses it actual receives. The bottom is easy to open up --- I found the bell rang a little too long so I put a tad of tape on it to dampen it to my liking, and the design made it easy to access. The lid latch is superior to the sliding hook of the old designs which could scar the wood.

And anyway, what could be more cool that having a pyramid in your living room?"
(from amazon.com)
This review is from: Wittner Traditional Metronome: Black Finished Wood
"Very happy with this purchase as it was a gift to my boss. He loved it! It is made of true wood in a black finish which looks very stylish and not cheap! Would recommend for the piano player in your life that maybe has a hard time keeping time! No problems at all with the company or with shipping either!"
(from amazon.com)

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